Friday, October 7, 2011

TIF Money

An article was released on October 5 about the Park District asking for $4 million in TIF money to develop the park. See it here:
Chicago Journal Article

Big question: Why $4 million? What is the breakdown of the cost of the park?

Save Our Dog Park!

Welcome to the blog -- you'll find information here about the proposed dog park at 16th Street and Wabash in the South Loop. We are starting this blog so the community has a space to discuss the plans and to give the Dog Friendly Area (DFA) Committee a voice.

Did you know that as the design of the park progresses, the DFA area has been shrinking? The park is supposed to be a dog park, an area where we can interact as dog owners and build a community. The new plans have the DFA area shunted to the side in favor of a performance stage and a meeting plaza.

This is a call to action! If you care about keeping preserving the park as a DFA please subscribe to us and voice your opinion here and on Facebook and Twitter. Those accounts will be linked to this blog as soon as we set them up.

We are fired up, we are ready to fight for the space for our dogs -- JOIN US!