Monday, February 27, 2012

Caring for Dry Paw Pads

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A day at the dog park can be hours of fun for your furry friend, but it can be hard on their feet.  Since most of Chicago's dog parks are paved, a common problem our dogs face from all that hard running on cement and gravel can be dry, cracked paw pads.  Just like our feet get try, dog's pads dry out as well.  Paw pads provide traction, absorb shock and help protect little feet from injuries and abrasions.  But sometimes they get a little too dry and rough.  So what can we do for them?  We did a little research and came up with these simple solutions:

    mushers secret paw wax 150x150 Dog Dry Skin   Why Your Dog Has Cracked And Dry Paw Pads
  • If your dog has overly dry or fissured paw pads, consider using a dog balm to help protect and condition them.  Try Growl and Meow Bowser Balm available at Soggy Paws and is fragrance free and all natural.
  • If your dog will be outside for quite a while or doing a lot of running, try a paw wax on the pads and between the toes.  It can help protect against sand burn, hot pavement, and salt burn during the winter months.  My Dog Dry recommends Musher's Secret Paw Wax, which contains vitamin E to help moisturize, is all natural, and has great user reviews on
  • If your dog's paws seem tender, have your dog wear booties outside until the paws get better.  If they are especially prone to getting sore paws or get little snow balls stuck to their paws in the winter, consider getting booties for walks during the winter months.  You can even try infant socks.
  • Wash your dogs paws regularly to remove sidewalk dust or winter salt, especially after trips to the park or romps in the snow.
Please make sure to see your vet if your dog seems to be in pain, bleeding, avoiding using a one paw, limping, or  constantly licking or biting their paws.  

Have you used any of these remedies?  How do you keep your dog's paw pads healthy?  Share your tips and tricks with us!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chicago Dog Show - IKC 2012 This Weekend

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Are you attending the International Kennel Club of Chicago Benched Dog Show this year?  Dog shows are a great time to celebrate all the pooches in your life whether pure breed or mixed breed.   This year's Chicago Dog Show is this weekend, February 24, 25, and 26, 2012 at the McCormick Place and is an open to the public show and competition for canine owners and enthusiasts.  There are benched shows and shopping galore.

Never been to a dog show?  Here are our top seven tips for getting the most out of your show experience:

1.  Dog Shows are basically a process of elimination culminating with the Best in Show.  Pick your favorite dog and route for them for Best in Show.
2.  Leave the pooches at home, the Chicago IKC Show is for people only (but you can buy your dog some great souvenirs to take home).
3.  Do not pet dogs without permission.
4.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  You'll be doing a lot of walking and the McCormick Place can get toasty with lots of people, so leave the bulky winter coat at home or use the coat check.
5.   If the grooming area is open to spectators, don't be afraid to talk with professional groomers for tips on keeping your dog looking great.
6.  Likewise, talk with breeders and exhibitors if you're considering adding a purebred puppy into your life.  They are usually experts in specific breeds and can have a wealth of knowledge.
7.  How to dress?  You see everything from jeans to tuxedos.  If you're just visiting and watching the show or shopping, dress comfortably.  

Tickets for the Chicago Dog Show are available at the door for $15 per adult, $12 for Children on Friday, and $18 for adults on Saturday and Sunday.  The IKC website has a $2 off printable coupon as well.

Want some more information?  Here are some great sites to check out: - Great tips and glossaries of terminology - Tips geared for Westminster, but most are applicable everywhere.

Are you planning on attending?  Share your photos with us on our facebook page!